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Cooking Class Schedule

Longevity Cooking Class Series

“For the Modern Health Enthusiast”

When you attend our Longevity Cooking Class Series either at the Happy Cooking Center or in the comfort of your own your home you will taste unique meals that are healthier, easier to do and even more delicious than traditional recipes without the use of all the unhealthy additives that usually make food taste good after the life has been taken out of them.

Our main focus is to educate our audience to find the medicine in all the foods that helps heal the body naturally.  We are flexible in the approach to life in general and we seek for the balance in all we do, we believe that the foods we eat and how we prepare them affects us how we feel, and how long we live.

Our recipes retain more natural colors and flavors, which are the essential vitamins and minerals in them that keep us Alive and Vibrant.

“ Let your Medicine be your Food and let your Food be your Medicine” Hippocrates

You will learn the ABZ’s of what vitamins and minerals are present in all vegetables and other foods that are beneficial and essential for the body, You will learn how to identify the symptoms of deficiency when they are absent in your own body and you will learn which foods are the most beneficial for the healing of any ailment or condition in the body.   

Traditional cooking classes give you ideas on how to prepare meals based primarily to please the palate but they contain too much fat, too much salt, too much sugar, too much dairy and too much simple carbs that give the food addictive flavors. Many of these types of foods can lead to inflammation, acidity, hardening of the arteries, toxicity, oxidative stress, obesity and other health problems.

Learn how to preserve and avoid many man made dis-eases.

At Happy Cooking we teach you new alternatives in the kitchen that help you reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins out of the body and reduce the simptomology of oxidative stress.  Register on Line or Call us 888-867-4045 to Reserve a spot in our Nutritional Cooking Class or inquire about our in home cooking class program.


You will learn to prepare healthier and tastier meals  with less effort!

Register now and start benefiting immediately!


For Decades Health Care professionals have focused on the impact of diet and Health. Now scientists are recognizing that your cooking methods can be as important as your menu.

Find out why so many Professional recommend us 

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