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By Jael & James Tanti
The Flexitarian Cookbook

My name is Jael Tanti, I am passionate about cooking, most importantly I am passionate about proper food preparation. For decades we have been throwing away the nutrition in our foods, by using out dated methods to prepare our foods that no longer serves this advance society. We learned to process our foods to the convenient level that all is left is a filler with empty promises and the illusion of being good for us. This is a term called Learned Helplessness. I realize how much we depend on the nutrition in our food that led me to create my new released book in June 2010 The Flexitarian Cookbook, this book is a real gift to the present times it is filled with fifty colorful illustrated recipes for the palate of everyone, weather you are a Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian or Flexitarian this book is for you.
Realize that all the processing we have done to our food for decades has caused our food to be lacking on essential minerals that we need that only food can give to us. Understand that vitamins, minerals and fiber are water soluble and heat sensitive! what does that mean? Anytime we cook with water and anytime we cook at high heat we destroy the nutrients in them making them harder to assimilate and harder to digest. Our depleted foods is what's making everyone sick. Know this we eat food for Energy rather than calories, what we need is the electrons in our food. Some foods can Heal us and some food Can Kill us. In this book all the recipes where carefully selected to provide maximum nutrition!

Take control of your own health

The ideas presented in the book are for your entertaining because you can entertain the idea that perhaps if you kept more nutrition in your foods you will build a stronger immune system, which will protect you against the many diseases and will increase a sense of youthfulness, slow down the over all rapid aging process and feel a sense of well being for you and your family. Taking responsibility for our own health and the health and well being of our loved ones, that alone would lift the burden on our Medical Care System. For decades we have been throwing away the nutrition on our foods by peeling, boiling, steaming, charing, broiling, barbecueing, microwaving and blanching, all these methods of preparing our foods are outdated and continue to rob the nutrients from our foods leaving a comprimised immune system.

John Hopkins Hospital says “The combination of high heat, water and oxygen is disastrous to vitamins and minerals. Cook all foods at a very low temperature (below boiling) so as to retain the vitamins and minerals. Unless we eat food properly prepared, we suffer from inferior physical development, mental instability, low endurance and lack of resistance to infection”.

All the recipes presented in our Flexitarian Cookbook are cooked below boiling point (200 degrees Fahrenheit) So they retain up to 100% of the nutrition of the B group of water soluble vitamins.

Dr. Paul Kouchakoff MD of the Institute of Clinical Chemistry, Lausanne, Switzerland Proceedings : First International Congress of Microbiology, Paris 1930 was the first to discover" The Influence of Food Cooking on the Blood Formula of Man"

Dr Paul Kouchakoff said; " After every dose of food, we also observe a general augmentation of white corpuscles, and a change in the correlation of their percentage. This phenomenon has been considered, until now, a physiological one, and is called digestive leukocytosis". Digestive Leukocytosis is the increment of white blood cells due to the process in which foods are cooked, when you cook foods at high temperatures above 200 degrees the immune system reacts to it as a toxin and treats it as a if it was being invated by a foreign organism and starts generating white blood cel activity against the cooked foods you've eaten.

CONCLUSIONS: "After over 300 experiments on ten individuals of different age and sex, we have come to the following conclusions: 1. The augmentation of the number of white corpuscles and the alteration of the correlation of the percentage between them which takes place after every consumption of food, and which was considered until now as a physiological phenomenon, is, in reality, a pathological one, It is called forth by the introduction into the system of foodstuffs altered by means of high temperature, and by complicated treatments of ordinary products produced by nature."

Dr. Paul Kouchakoff stated that if you ate a diet that is at least 51% Raw that you would have no leukocytosis or whiteblood cel reaction so your immune system wouldn't be activated with a false alarm and over burden an already burden immune system. Your other solution is to cook foods below 200 degrees to avoid Digestive Leukocytosis.

Dr. Dan Rogers MD. PHD NMD says that; " How can you expect your body to last a 100 years if you don't put the proper building blocks in there, everyone knows that a portion of who we are is made of what we eat, digest and absorb, if we eat garbage we will get garbage."

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