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About James and Jael

James and Jael Tanti started Happy Cooking because of their passion for Health, As dedicated Parents, Mentors, Coaches, they have been helping Families Globally to live better lives for over 25 years.

James and Jael know that Inferior cooking methods can destroy 50 % or more of the nutrition and can potentially be contaminating your foods with heavy metals and chemicals, This is the very reason why they have dedicated their lives to teaching proper food preparation using the Saladmaster 316Ti as a Better Way to Achieve Greater Health.  

“We Believe that Food is Life Force and Everyone Deserves the right to preserve this Life Force by Cooking Their foods in the cleanest, healthiest, cooking vessel”, The Saladmaster 316Ti Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware _ non corrosive, non reactive with a Lifetime warranty of enjoyment.

Smart people around the world are choosing the Saladmaster 316Ti to better care for their Health. Here is Why……

The Saladmaster 316Ti Cookware System is the solution to retain more nutrients and eliminate potentially harmful chemicals leaching into your foods.

The Saladmaster cookware is Made in the U.S.A. from 316Ti Stainless Steel and they are unlike anything else in the market place, that is why you must take it for a taste drive to see and feel the difference. 

The Saladmaster 316Ti Cookware is the safest choice to prepare all your meals for your family — it is non-reactive to heat, acid or salts. It’s unique design of complete even heat distribution allows you to bake cakes and casseroles on the stove top making it more energy efficient and multi- purpose convenience. 

The Salamaster’s exceptional Vapo-Valve technology is a temperature control mechanism that activates at 185 degrees Fahrenheit this is your kitchen alarm that lets you know when to turn the heat to low to avoid destroying the nutrients in your food. All you have to remember is Medium-Click- Low! 

Plus the Saladmaster Cookware systems have detachable handles to make it easier and convenient from stove to table to storage.

Plus, Saladmaster’s lifetime warranty means you can enjoy this world-class cookware for Generations to come.

Contact Happy Cooking today for information about cooking classes, open-house events and a full price list! 


Our Commitment

Our Mission is to Change Lives, Make A Difference and Have Fun.

Our Vision is to have Everyone in the World Experience Saladmaster.

Our Leadership James and Jael Tanti has been distributing Saladmaster products since 1993, their focus is on inspiring others to become leaders in the kitchen and in business trough our proven recipes for success to achieve a Lifetime of Fulfillment in all areas of Life, Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Our Customer Service is Dedicated to Enhance your experience while visiting with us either in person or by phone, You can always Count on us, we are Committed to serve you to give you a Sweet Experience.


We love our Saladmaster cookware because we can cook our foods in a non corrosive environment and retain the naturally good ingredients of our food, with all of the vitamin benefits, without worrying about the health risks of regular pots and pans

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